Why Should I Have Scheduled Maintenance?

Your HVAC equipment is valuable and the cost of replacing units is a substantial investment. Breakdowns cause significant stress, inconvenience and unplanned costs.

Quarterly maintenance of your equipment (with filter changes) is the long accepted industry standard to create consistent air flow and comfort for your staff and/or tenants and is required by virtually every equipment manufacturer. Dirty filters (not changed frequently enough) are a major cause of equipment stress which leads to breakdowns, higher energy costs, early equipment failure and unplanned downtime leading to emergency calls.

One example of a problem related to not performing quarterly maintenance is that with dirty filters, the heat exchangers will overheat. This overheating in turn causes cracking and breakdown. It is not a far stretch to make the connection that the life of a heat exchanger may be extended for several years if scheduled maintenance has been your practice.

In addition to recommending quarterly HVAC maintenance, D W Optimum offers only experienced, certified journeyman and advanced apprentice technicians with significant knowledge and experience. We don’t provide band air solutions but make every effort to get to the root of problems and to provide solutions that minimize your long term costs while providing maximum up time on your equipment.

Emergency service calls are expensive and frustrating for tenants and staff and for the owner who has to pay the bills. However, identifying concerns during quarterly maintenance visits, then quoting and performing needed repairs before you have serious breakdowns will help you, through regular maintenance, to reduce your electrical and gas costs through more efficient operation of each piece of equipment.

Finally, we urge you to consider that if, by performing quarterly maintenance, you can save the cost of just a few emergency service calls per year, then effectively the extra cost of regular maintenance has been covered by those savings.