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D W Optimum HVAC Services offers a wide variety of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), and Plumbing services to commercial, industrial and multi-family strata properties, server rooms, data centers, and related properties including all of the following:

  • Commercial HVAC Service:

  • Maintenance contracts, repair services, design, engineering, renovation, air balancing, gas fitting, controls and related work on tenant improvements. We also repair & maintain dampers, variable frequency drives, and boilers (up to 6 million BTU/hr.)

  • Commercial & Industrial HVAC Installation:

  • Packaged, ductless split, heat/cool, and specialized air conditioning (AC) units c/w curbs and curb adapters; including ductwork, diffusers, return air grilles, and air filtration systems. We also supply & install supply, return & exhaust fans, condensate pumps and related equipment such as air handling (AHU) and make-up air (MUA) units.

  • Commercial & Industrial Plumbing:

  • Includes boiler related repair services and maintenance, design, engineering, renovation, hydronic balancing, gas fitting, controls and related work on tenant improvements. We service, maintain and replace all types of pumps, valves, backflow preventers and pressure regulators.


D W Optimum HVAC Services always endeavours to resolve the deeper, underlying issues. We work hard to extend the life of your equipment and to help avoid downtime and discomfort by recommending repairs before breakdowns occur. Our technicians are fully certified as refrigeration mechanics. They hold gas fitter tickets and restricted electrical tickets as well. We also hold an “A” Boiler Contractor License.

If you choose us, you, your managers and staff will be treated respectfully by excellent technicians who genuinely care about your business operations. We very respectfully ask for your business and your trust.

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